Big Announcement from Apple Today

Apple’s homepage
is counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until a “special event” streamed live today at 10am PDT (or 12 noon CDT for those of you in my timezone). Apple has not officially stated what they will cover but we expect from the past to see a new iPhone along with the launch date of iOS 8, the latest operating system for iPhone and iPad. We should also find out the launch date for the next Mac operating system, OSX Yosemite. Apple announced iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in June.

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Apple WWDC 2014 Starts Today

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off today in San Francisco. This 5 day conference showcases new Apple software and technologies for iOS and OSX through technical presentations and hands on labs. It begins with the keynote at 10am Pacific time broadcast live on Apple’s website and on a channel on Apple TV.

In the past, Apple has made major announcements at the Monday morning keynote such as the iPhone App Store in 2008, the iPhone 4 in 2010 and iCloud in 2011. Since 2008 Apple has announced the next iOS operating system at the WWDC. This year is no different as iOS 8 banners appeared days ago in the Moscone Center where the conference is held. [Read more…]

Text Messages I’ve Missed Since Switching Away From iPhone

On a snowy January evening in 2013 I swiftly walked to the door of a convenient store on my way to meet my wife for dinner. I was running late and attempted to text her. Imagining her disappointment I hastily drew my smartphone from my front pocket and… dropped it. My phone hit the tile floor and exploded. The back cover flew off, and the battery and memory card (and maybe some parts I never found) scattered out. [Read more…]

The Smartphone for the Masses

On October 04, 2011, I sent an email to many people expressing excitement about the upcoming announcement of the next iPhone model later that day. At that time there were pervasive rumors of an iPhone “5”. Instead the iPhone “4s” was announced and many expressed disappointment. Someone responded to my email saying: “More than a little disappointing don’t you think?” The following was my reply… [Read more…]