The Smartphone for the Masses

On October 04, 2011, I sent an email to many people expressing excitement about the upcoming announcement of the next iPhone model later that day. At that time there were pervasive rumors of an iPhone “5”. Instead the iPhone “4s” was announced and many expressed disappointment. Someone responded to my email saying: “More than a little disappointing don’t you think?” The following was my reply… [Read more…]

Mobile Multi-platform Technologies

Sometimes the most challenging part of a technology decision is determining what options are available. This is especially true in the mobile technology space where new technologies pop up every day and major platforms become obsolete overnight. That’s why I started collecting information about mobile multi-platform technologies I encountered. I’ve included it here for reference.

What You Should Know About MonoTouch

After talking to many people about MonoTouch and Mono for Android I’ve found there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. These tools have great potential which could be overlooked if they are not understood. This blog post provides background information you need to decide if you want to dig deeper into MonoTouch or Mono for Android. [Read more…]