Mobile Multi-platform Technologies

Sometimes the most challenging part of a technology decision is determining what options are available. This is especially true in the mobile technology space where new technologies pop up every day and major platforms become obsolete overnight. That’s why I started collecting information about mobile multi-platform tools and technologies I’ve encountered.

This list is not an endorsement of these technologies.

Note: Wikipedia has a list of mobile platform development environments. Scroll down to the section titled “Platform development environment”.

AIR (Adobe)


Titanium (Appcelerator)

Corona (Ansca Mobile)

Flex (Adobe)


iFactr (ITR Mobility)

jQuery Mobile

mDesign (CommonTime)

Mojito (Yahoo)

MonoCross (ITR Mobility)



PhoneGap/Cordova (Adobe)

PhoneGap Build (Adobe)

RhoMobile Suite (Rhomobile)

RhoHub (Rhomobile)

Sencha Touch

Red Foundry

LiveCode (RunRev)

Verivo Software

Worklight (IBM)

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android (Xamarin)

  • Native development on iOS and/or Android using C#
  • Allows for sharing code between platforms
  • Formerly MonoTouch and Mono for Android (MonoDroid)
  • Xamarin web site
  • Xamarin on Wikipedia


  1. Dan,
    This is a great list. My team has had a lot of success with JQuery Mobile when building prototypes, but that’s also probably because a lot of us already use JQuery for web development. Sencha Touch seems richer, but may be more of a learning curve, too.

  2. Hi Dan;
    Interesting post on multi-platform development environments.would you consider adding a product called mDesign from CommonTime which is a hybrid HTML5 solution deploying on all major platforms? Users include TK Maxx,EDF, Carillon with applications in use from field service to enterprise asset management.We would be delighted to give you an overview of the product. Great blog.

    Ian Knight
    CEO CommonTime

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