A Brief Comparison of WordPress, Drupal & Joomla!

This blog is my first experience using WordPress or any open source CMS (Content Management System). You can accomplish a great deal with WordPress in a short time without getting into HTML and coding. I’ve built web sites from scratch with just a text editor and with various tools like Microsoft’s ASP.net. WordPress allows you to focus on content and making your site unique instead of reinventing the underlying technology plumbing.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform and has evolved into a CMS. It’s been adapted for many uses such as news and company information sites. WordPress was the clear choice for my first blog. However, is it the best tool for a small business or a collaboration web site? Before I start adapting WordPress for other uses, I am investigating other open source CMS options. [Read more…]

Microsoft: Open Source Friend or Foe?

A colleague recently posted a link to the following article and asked to hear other’s thoughts: Meet Bill Gates, the Man Who Changed Open Source Software. The following are my thoughts…

Microsoft must embrace open source software or it will become irrelevant. It’s not surprising that Gates had the foresight to realize this early. He’s historically been good at identifying technology shifts before they happen. [Read more…]